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Special Whole Life Plan

The Special Whole is a combination of (50%) basic whole life with participation in profits and (50%) decreasing term assurance without participation in profits. The hybrid nature of the product makes it less expensive and affordable.
Features of the Special Whole Life Plan

  • The Special Whole Life Plan is partly a life cover product participating in profits and partly decreasing term assurance not participating in profits.
  • Maximum benefit offered capped at $200,000. Reinsurance will be sought for covers that exceed the limit.
  • The premium rates are payable per $1,000 initial Sum Assured split as $500 DTA and $500 whole Life.
  • The product provides bonuses accredited on a reversionary basis.
  • The DTA Sum Assured decreases uniformly from the initial sum assured to 0 after 25 years. The with-profits whole life cover part participates in discretionary benefits declared each year.
  • Level Premiums are paid from inception up to the Premium Cease Age or until earlier death.
  • Since this product is sold as a package, premiums remain level up to the selected premium ceasing age or until death if earlier.
  • This product cannot be converted to term insurance, life or endowment policy.
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