Early Harvest Plan

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Early Harvest Plan

This is a savings product whose proceeds can be used for future needs.Product proceeds are directly linked to the value of the underlying investments.


  • On death of the policyholder Accumulated Account Balance at date of death is paid out.


30% of the fund value is withdrawn annually at anniversary date from year 2 onwards.

Maturity Benefits

  • Balance of the fund value at the end of the policy term.

Paid Up

  • A paid up value is available after 2 years’ premiums have been paid.
  • Paid up value is the accumulated fund value in the account.
  • The term to run remains the same as it was before the policy is made paid-up.
  • Accumulated account continues to grow with interest declared from time to time.

Surrender Benefit

  • Only available after 2 years’ premium have been paid.
  • Surrender value is the accumulated fund value in the account.

Mobile Money Payment Options

Ecocash Biller Code:             17123

OneMoney Biller Code:        22085