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First Mutual Life’s Acacia Group Life Assurance (GLA) is a death in service benefit available to any enterprise that employs up to 50 people. This fantastic package allows smaller enterprises to cover employees against financial risks associated with death whilst still in service.
Each employee is covered for 24 times their monthly gross salary payable as a tax free lump sum should they pass away irrespective of the circumstances. In addition the Acacia GLA Scheme has a free funeral rider of 3 months gross salary (subject to review from time to time to cover immediate funeral needs.
This product provides life cover up to a free cover limit of $150 000 without the need for medical examinations. This limit may be reviewed from time to time. By virtue of its umbrella nature, the Acacia GLA Scheme accords an opportunity to enterprises who traditionally could not afford to run stand-alone schemes due to their size and cost.

Claim Requirements
In the event of death of an employee, First Mutual Life shall be notified and for claim settlement the following documents shall be submitted to the First Mutual Life Employee Benefits Division:

  • Notification of death form
  • Burial order obtained from the Registrar of births and deaths (In the case of Acacia GLA only to allow for processing of free funeral rider)
  • Original Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate / Affidavit  of Customary law marriage(where applicable)
  • Birth certificates for all Children
  • Banking details of dependent(s) receiving benefit
Key Benefits to the Employees 

  • Immediate cover of 24 months gross salary
  • Total Peace of mind and reassurance
  • Additional liveable income protects the family against sudden loss of income in the event of death of a breadwinner.
  • Benefits are not subject to income tax
  • Generous Free Cover Limits reducing the need for lengthly medical investigations
  • Additional funeral rider of  3 months gross  salary
  • A lump sum benefit payable to the family to continue with life when breadwinner is  no more
Key benefits to the Employer

  • The ability to attract and retain highly skilled employees
  • A positive work environment conducive for greater productivity and ultimately profitability
  • A good reputation as an employer of choice
  • Encouraging staff loyalty and demonstrating a genuine care for staff welfare
  • The employer incurs no extra budgetary expense (by way of paying and ad hoc death benefits from the account of the business)
  • Ease of administration
  • It provides instant financial assistance that will augment other benefits
  • Affordability- competitive premium rates

Claims Notification


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