First Mutual Life Franchise Launch


First Mutual Life is pleased to announce the launch of a franchise as an additional expansion of its distribution channels.


As one of the largest insurance firms in the country with an established track record across all markets, First Mutual Life, the first insurer in Zimbabwe to open a franchise, has seen it vital to expand its distribution channel that caters more for high value life products as it seeks to improve its insurance penetration ratio.

By taking the franchise path, it allows the business to manage capital effectively through selected shared costs with the franchisee.  This inculcates shared responsibility, a spirit of commitment as well as the will to succeed on both parties.

“From an operations point of view, all our products and services will be accessible to the consumer through our franchise network. All franchises will be linked to our computer systems thereby making all transactions made through this channel real time, safe and secure. In essence, the franchise will provide a one stop shop for our clients be it on the medical front, funeral business, pensions and short term insurance” said Ruth Ncube, Managing Director of First Mutual Life.

This milestone by First Mutual Life is line with the Government’s ZIM ASSET economic blue print, this initiative also empowers people to establish and operate profitable businesses that ultimately create employment and broaden the taxable base for the Government.
The First Mutual Life franchise was officially launched by the Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation & Empowerment, Honourable Francis Nhema.

The inaugural franchise will be trading under the name “Dunamis Advisory Services”, headed by former FML Executive, Madzishe Chipunza and the office is located at Colonnade Building, 70 Mutare Road, Msasa.


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