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The Group Funeral Cash Plan (GFCP) is a unique funeral product which offers either a cash benefit or the actual service upon death of an insured person. Employees and their chosen beneficiaries are assured of a high quality funeral service at the time of bereavement. The employer is relieved of the burden of having to fork out money for every funeral in an unplanned manner which has a negative impact on cash flows.

To complement the benefits of the funeral cover, there is an additional grocery benefit (optional) which provides monthly cash for 12 months to the dependants in the event of the breadwinner dying. First Mutual Life has a contracted network of funeral Service Providers as strategic partners to ensure guaranteed high quality of funeral services. This gives members choice to shop for desired services at the date of bereavement.

The Group Funeral Cash Plan is unique in that it offers the following:-

  • An option for cash benefit or funeral services
  • Optional grocery and educational allowance for dependants.
  • There is no limit on the number of children that can be covered. Children are covered up to age 23years if they are at a tertiary institution otherwise they are covered to age 18 years.
  • Employees have the option of converting their cover into individual policies should they leave employment.


There are Seven Plans under the Funeral Cash Plan namely:-

  • Micro Plan – Sum Assured of US$500.00
  • Median Plan – Sum Assured of US$1,000.00
  • Basic Plan – Sum Assured of US$1,500.00
  • Premier Plan – Sum Assured of US$2,500.00
  • Executive Plan – Sum Assured of US$3,500.00
  • Elite Plan – Sum Assured of US$4,500.00
  • Deluxe Plan – Sum Assured of US$6,000.00

Flexibility – Clients have an option of selecting a service provider of their choice from our list of funeral service providers at the time of the bereavement.

Value proposition to Employers & Employees

  • Immediate funeral cover for accidental death
  • Wide benefit limits
  • Optional grocery benefit
  • Guaranteed funeral services
  • Comprehensive funeral cover
  • Wide choice of Funeral Service Providers
  • Affordability